Tattoo books

When talking of tattoos, most people associate them with something wrong. So it is common to receive sermons from our parents about how ugly they are, how they look innocent and how bad it would be if your child tattooed. As a logical consequence, it is uncommon for kids to see it as a way of rebellion and liberation. Therefore, the tattoo is seen in our culture as synonymous with bad boy who lives his life by his own rules, and does not care what their parents think of him or other people. It is this negative view towards the tattoo, which makes you forget the tattoo as a whole is an art.

However, for a work of art to be fully appreciated it takes more than the meaning of the work, is needed aesthetics. The quality and details are crucial for a tattoo that has a desired aesthetic. The tattoo should be drawn on the skin by thin black lines until the lined drawing. Then you must follow the filling of the work, where the shading and the color scheme, are responsible for the detail in the tattoo. Much more facts about Tattoo can be be in tattoo books and you can see that tattoo is a fashion, a way of expression, a way to create an identity, to be special and stand out from the rest, a desire to collect beautiful images, art, a way to join a group, to be accepted, committing, a protest against parents, against society.